is a contemporary art gallery/curatorial umbrella founded in 2022, with an office space (Annex/Cointelpro) in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, and a vitrine (Hole) in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. The gallery's program focuses around allowing artists opportunities to present ambitious and challenging work in a site-responsive and collaborative manner, alongside exhibition-specific ephemera.

Directed by Milo Christie and Sam Dybeck.
Barely Fair 2024

April 12th, 2024 - April 21st, 2024

Luca Klauba (b. 2001) lives and works in Chicago’s West side; brought up in a family of house painters, city laborers, and tradesmen, the breadth of occupying infrastructural spaces for fabrication unravel into a project of re-naming. Through lens based practices that articulates a body's macro-contextual proximity to an urban sprawls historical roots in industrialized systems; an endeavor taken to re-articulate cultural production within and around a post/present industrial environment poses questions on collective awareness of when Earth shifted from a finite resource, into the trapping capitalist economy infinitude of ‘land as property.’ Material inquires, poetics, a photograph to be brushed over; intaken the same as the staining of a plywood sheet used to cover over a space where a window once had sat. The plywood placed over a doorway becoming a table top, a substrate, a point to where material imbues generational understanding and articulation when one’s culture is replaced with labor - the need to consistently produce capital; a material project now undertaken to re-imbue labor, the material it utilizes, as a space for reclaiming. Culture is now re-defined as the work and daily re-articulation of where you stand, inhabit, breathe, to cry: sleep.

Weatherproof is excited to take part in the fourth iteration of BARELY FAIR, organized by Julius Ceasar at Color Club. We will presenting worth from Luca Klauba.

BARELY FAIR is an international art fair operated by Julius Caesar. The invitational fair presents a tiny peek inside the programming of thirty contemporary art galleries, project spaces, and curatorial projects during “Art Week” in Chicago. Included spaces will exhibit works in 1:12 scale booths built to mimic the design of a standard fair.

BARELY FAIR will open with a vernissage on April 12th, 2024 at Color Club. The fair will run with daily hours through the weekend, and be open for gallery hours and by appointment through April 21st.