is a contemporary art gallery/curatorial umbrella founded in 2022, with an office space (Annex/Cointelpro) in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood, and a vitrine (Hole) in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. The gallery's program focuses around allowing artists opportunities to present ambitious and challenging work in a site-responsive and collaborative manner, alongside exhibition-specific ephemera.

Directed by Milo Christie and Sam Dybeck.
The Weatherproof Anniversarial

April 13th, 2024 - May 12th, 2024

Noelle Africh, Jonas Mueller Ahlheim, Zoe Alameda, Brandon Bandy, Justin Beachler, Emma Beatrez, Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Rachael Bos, Gabriel CHalfin-Piney, Milo Christie, Maeve Coughlin, Ruby Dickson, Sam Dybeck, Liza Jo Eilers, An Emard, Madeline Gallucci, Sara Grose, Naomi Hawksley, Lukas Hoffman, Rachel Jackson, Tarik Kentouche, Luca Klauba, Vikenti Komitski, Thomas Macie, Mat Mancini, Mikey Mosher, Lola Dement Myers, olivier, Frank Peralta, Ruby Que, Zander Raymond, Zola Rollins, Lee Noble, CJ Shaw, Jenn Smith, Maxwell Volkman, Jonathan Worcester, Jessica Zawadowicz

Weatherproof will host a benefit auction masquerading as a group show, comprised of 30+ supporters and community members, opening during EXPO weekend and hosted by The Auction Collective. We are very excited to celebrate (nearly) 2 years of programming across both spaces, and to try to give the project a semblance of financial stability going forward. 

WHY???? WHY???? Since 2022, Weatherproof has operated as an artist-first gallery/project space/whatever, showing challenging and non-commercial work from emerging and mid-career artists. We would like to keep doing this.  While our overhead is small, largely taken up by rent and shipping costs, we aim to cover these costs and more to facilitate larger production budgets for shows, and fund off-site shows outside of Chicago to publicize and share the incredible work coming out of the city RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND!    

O vile nights away from home under your blond rooves    
The greasy plain vastly stretches closer     
To the drop I step in for    

O to be 16, mean, and belligerent as a servant     
Of the people, driving the herd down   
To Omaha to get unfed, and burnt like a mother again     

O my brothers and your kids, faking it on inner tubes     
You make me make it making you     
Like a long cool glass a water, unlisted, unlimited!    

O baby sticking out of your great great clothes     
I found it particular in you to have pre-dawn    
Dressed for school, as if such were the trips taken     

To ready places. I comprehend a maplike cynicism     
In the romance of certain offspring     
Rushing to the vet on wet asphalt of a night     

O holes in the sky like grease! You accept me     
For leaving us out and out    

   - Jean Day